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Our Products

Ecological fuel and clean energy from one source

We offer to our Customers in Western Europe and in Ukraine a diverse range of wood fuel as well as a comprehensive service for your environment-friendly heat supply! You’ll find here the right products meeting your quality needs and your budget!

Ecological wood fuels

We offer you diverse wood fuels at favorable prices!

All our wood products are sourced from Ukraine and origin mainly from our own local production facility. For our production we take only ecologically harmless and untreated wood residues like shavings and chips. After shredding we press them together to a specified shape without any chemically synthesized binders and additives. The resulting wood fuels have a very high energy density and high stability for further shipment and storage.

Wood pellets

Wood pellets are modern and environment-friendly fuel with a very high heat value of ca. 5kWh/Kg. So, they are more efficient than any other biologic fuel. The pellets burn very clean and almost without any ash (Ash content ≤0,7% for ENplus-A1 & ≤1,5 % for ENplus-A2). The remaining ash can be used with confidence as biological garden fertilizer or just be disposal with the common household waste. Pellets

We offer high quality pellets according to the ENplus EN 14961-2 A1 as well as cost-effective industrial pellets according to the EN 14961-2 A2. Our pellets are made of untreated wood and origins mainly from our own production plant in Ukraine. As raw material we take only chemically untreated residual wood from the forest industry and clean wood shavings. We use no chemically synthesized additives. The necessary stability and resistance of the pellets is achieved due the natural lignin contained in the wood. We ship our pellets directly to the Customer in 1000Kg Big Bags enclosed in trucks to protect the product from moisture. The shipping from Ukraine to the Cologne area lasts no longer than a week.


Quality ENplus EN 14961-2 A1 ENplus EN 14961-2 A2
Length 3,15 ≤ L ≤ 40mm
Diameter 6mm & 8mm
Bulk density ≥ 600 kg/m3
Heat value ≥. 16.500 kJ/kg ≥. 16.300 kJ/kg
Water content < 10%
Dust < 1%
Mechanical resistance ≥ 98 % ≥ 97,5 %
Ash content ≤0,7 % ≤1,5 %
Sulphur content < 0,03%
Chlorine content < 0,02%
Nitrogen content < 0,3% < 0,5%
Packaging Big Bag, (ca. 1.000Kg)
Minimum order 1 truck (ca. 22t)
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Pini & Kay wood briquettes

These briquettes are made of hardwood (pure oak or a mix) and softwood (spruce) without synthesized binders or additives. Pini & Kay briquettes have a special shape that enables a very intensive burning which makes this sort of wooden briquettes ideal for fireplaces and chimneys.

Nestro wood briquettes

The round briquettes of type NESTRO are mainly made of hardwood chips and shavings (oak, ash tree or a mix wood) without synthesized binders or additives and meet high quality requirements of the norm Norm EN 14961-3 (A1). Due to their very low water content these wood briquettes burn almost without fume and soot!

RUF briquettes

Our top quality RUF briquettes are made of mix wood (softwood & hardwood) without synthesized binders or additives and meet high quality requirements of the DINplus (ISO 17225-3)!

    Further advantages of the wood briquettes:
  • Homogenous fuel structure with a very good, low fine dust emissions
  • Made of natural wood chips & shavings with a low water content
  • High heat value and long smolder time
  • Easy handling due shipping on pallets
  • A very attractive cost-effectiveness ratio

Wood charcoal (briquettes)

Our Wood charcoal (briquettes) are made of untreated residual hardwood from the Ukrainian forest industry.


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